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Our Goal

Our goal is to provide your business with all the solutions needed to effectively discover, manage and secure your IT environment. We provide web and mail security, archiving, fax, networking and security software. We will keep pace as your business grows. And we’re always making our business solutions even better.


Our Expertise

Other Services

Bulk SMS

We provide connectivity with multiple SMS Gateways which ensures delivery of messages from different operators across the country. Using our HTTP APIs it is easy to integrate Bulk SMS features to your website or applications.

Despite the cut-throat competition and a huge number of Bulk SMS Service Providers coming up everyday, we have kept our Pricing the lowest in the industry. You can register free of cost for any number of unique SenderIDs which corresponds to your Company or Brand names. This is free of cost.

Security Survilence System

The CCTV Surveillance System is very important for security of your valuable assets, domestic or business premises and your beloved ones. There are hundreds of Advantages of CCTV Surveillance System like you can continuously monitor your business premises and prevent misuse of resources or track lazy workers, you can secure your home or office, in case of theft or any incident you can easily extract the recordings from DVR (digital video recorder) and use it for future reference.

We also provide night vision and high resolution image capturing with latest high-tech digital video recorders DVR. We also provide solution for mobile CCTV security surveillance systems. We provide a complete range of network accessible DVRs with high-tech IP Cameras. You can opt for our standard (basic) packages, or you can ask for a custom surveillance system.


Modern technological systems, whether they are medical devices, automobiles, or cell phones, utilize software to enable the functionality that is critical to their commercial success and utility. Understanding the software function and mode of operation is in many cases much more difficult than for mechanical systems where a simple inspection or a design diagram may tell the whole story. Software for even a relatively simple system may contain hundreds of thousands of lines of code written in multiple computer languages and may have comments and variable names in foreign languages. Exponent has analyzed algorithms contained in software and performed literal and doctrine of equivalence infringement analyses through software review and engineering testing by comparing function, results, and implementation of claimed features. Our team of engineers and developers, who have relevant skills in multiple arts, have also assisted clients in claim construction motions.

Graphic Design

Graphics and designs speak clearer than the most beautiful language used in the universe. Our imaginative Graphic Designing team at Media Designs uses emerging technology, highly flexible software along with the most essential ingredient called creativity to conceptualize, visualize and realize our entire Graphic Design Services. Our design process involves several steps. In each step, our team of Graphic Designers works closely with your contact persons to collect required input, expected output, demographic features of the target market area etc.

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